Introducing: Our design department Introducing: Our design department

soft trim is characterised by a holistic approach to development and production. The company has dedicated itself to the goal of being able to produce all the essential components required for the manufacture of seat prototypes in-house.

An important “cog in the wheel” of soft trim is the design department. It links all other departments in the manufacturing workflow.

The design of components and the creation of milling programmes are two important core topics of this department. The latter, for example, serves as a further base of work for the pattern-making department.

The graphic above shows how the individual departments (for example model making, 3D printing) interlock.

Each foam element is customised and requires its own milling programme accordingly. This goes hand in hand with constant process optimisation – and the materials used are also continuously researched and put through their paces.

There is an increasing demand for the design of components that are to be used as parts of seat prototypes – here, the soft trim designers refer to the data provided by the customer on the one hand, and the experience and know-how of our experts comes into play on the other.