1. Inquiry

    • arrow Documents

      We provide secure data lines to ensure the problem-free uploading of specifications for your spec sheets, part fact sheets and CAD data.
    • arrow Deadlines

      Things can go quickly: we are able to fulfill even short turnaround times, working with you to determine order priorities.
    • arrow Costs

      In the bid phase you’ll see that we are open to negotiations that will give you the best price possible. It’s a principle of ours to optimize costs and offer attractive terms to all our clients.
  1. 3D Printing

    • arrow Materials

      We are pleased to recommend the filaments we use: they are extremely UV and heat resistant, high strength – and biodegradable. Naturally, we can use your choice of materials if you prefer.
    • arrow CAD-Design

      Using your ideas as the basis, we construct the component geometry of your plastic components.
    • arrow Slicing

      On the basis of 3D models, we create horizontal layers, which we can then place into space – saving time and materials. The G-code goes directly to the 3D printer.
    • arrow Large Format Printing

      We can produce individual pieces up to 1m3 in size using our 3D printing process – and quickly too.
    • arrow Finishing

      Depending on what you need, we can provide a variety of finishes – including laminating - to objects produced by our 3D printer.
  1. Final Inspection / Quality Control

    • arrow Final Inspection

      During final inspection, each individual 3D component is carefully checked – a process which is carefully documented, in writing and with photos.
    • arrow Quality Assurance

      Each part created by our 3D printer is subject to ongoing quality control. The parts are individually labeled and traceable.
  1. Shipping

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      You can depend on the quickest possible delivery at the best possible price. We will meet your deadline.

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