1. Inquiry

    • arrow Documents

      We provide secure data lines to ensure the problem-free uploading of specifications for your spec sheets, part fact sheets and CAD data.
    • arrow Deadlines

      Things can go quickly: we are able to fulfill even short turnaround times, working with you to determine order priorities.
    • arrow Costs

      In the bid phase you’ll see that we are open to negotiations that will give you the best price possible. It’s a principle of ours to optimize costs for all our clients and offer them attractive terms.
  1. Milled Foam Parts

    • arrow Sourcing

      We order or produce any necessary additional components such as fleeces,, PE-parts and whatever else your job needs, all to your specifications.
    • arrow Raw Products / Foam Blocks

      We can create foam blocks to your specifications on demand. And we will take care of the all-important measurements for hysteresis, density, and hardness too.
    • arrow CAD-Design

      Working closely with your engineers, we work out your component geometry on the basis of your Class-A surfacing and design data.
    • arrow CAM-Programming

      We create the programs used to mill your foam parts ourselves in order to ensure uniform results of the highest quality.
    • arrow Milling

      Your PUR milled foam parts can be produced quickly – manufactured in our “robot farm”.
    • arrow Optical Measurement / Reverse Engineering

      We scan component parts – and generate data for milling. Or we can scan already milled foam parts for reverse engineering to inspect contours.
    • arrow Wire Frame Production / Integration

      We can insert metal wire frames into components as part of the milling process. This ensures the correct fitting of the frame in the component.
    • arrow Foam Modification

      We can manufacture individual out of tool parts in individual or small batches exactly to your specifications – using our own milling technology. Quickly and with maximum precision – even in larger runs.
  1. Final Inspection / Quality Control

    • arrow Final Inspection

      During final inspection, each individual component is carefully checked – a process which is carefully documented, in writing and with photos.
    • arrow Quality Assurance

      Each part is labeled, subject to ongoing quality control and traceable. Each foam block is tested for hysteresis, density, and hardness. And you receive complete documentation of these results.
  1. Shipping

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      You can depend on the quickest possible delivery at the best possible price. We will meet your deadline.

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