1. Inquiry

    • arrow Documents

      We provide secure data lines to ensure the problem-free uploading of specifications for your spec sheets, part fact sheets and CAD data.
    • arrow Deadlines

      Things can go quickly: we are able to fulfill even short turnaround times.
    • arrow Costs

      In the bid phase you’ll see that we are open to negotiations that will give you the best price possible. It’s a principle of ours to optimize costs and attractive terms to all our clients.
  1. Sewing

    • arrow Sourcing

      We order or produce the necessary structures, upholstery, hang-on parts, laminates and foams.
    • arrow Inspection Of Materials

      We carefully inspect all materials for possible problems to ensure the highest levels of quality and efficiency.
    • arrow Cutting

      It’s a time saver: all pattern sets go straight from the developers to the cutter – no manual cutting involved.
    • arrow Sewing Workshops

      Our experienced specialists will produce your covers. Each one to the same high quality standards.
    • arrow Cover Testing

      Using our test covers, you can take care of every construction and integration step: PV-testing, DV-testing, SAB-testing, PVS, etc.
    • arrow Ad Hoc Realization

      Somethings need to happen right away: in our facility pattern set updates can go straight into production. If you have a last minute need, we give it priority to meet your deadline.
    • arrow Equipment

      Our sewing machines are of the newest generation. The most modern airbag sewing machines, splitting and sharpening machines, laminating presses and much more. The results speak for themselves.
  1. Final Inspection

    • arrow Final Inspection

      Each individual cover is checked during our final inspection process – our quality control makes sure nothing subpar gets through.
    • arrow Quality Assurance

      Each cover is subject to ongoing quality control. For continuous tracking, they are labelled – even by individual batch.
  1. Shipping

    • arrow Asap

      You can depend on the quickest possible delivery at the best possible price. We will meet your deadline.
    • arrow Packaging

      We will pack the seat covers in boxes as per your instructions: you determine the orientation, packing materials and number of units per box.

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