1. Inquiry

    • arrow Documents

      We provide secure data lines to ensure problem-free uploading of specifications for your spec sheets, part fact sheets and CAD data.
    • arrow Deadlines

      We set project milestones with you. And have all the necessary capacities, skills and experience to meet them right here in our facility.
    • arrow Costs

      In the bid phase you’ll see that we are open to negotiations that will give you the best price possible. It’s a principle of ours to optimize costs and offer attractive terms to all our clients.
  1. Conception

    • arrow Sourcing

      We will order or produce the necessary structures, upholstery, hang-on parts, laminates and foams.
    • arrow Feasibility

      We find solutions to make sure that your desired functionalities and designs are realized – no matter how challenging.
    • arrow Materials

      Innovative materials require design-compatible processing procedures. We find them using perforations, welding and other creative solutions.
    • arrow CAD-Design

      Working closely with your engineers, we work out your component geometry on the basis of your Class-A surfacing and design data.
    • arrow Trim-Development

      We work exclusively digitially – without hardcopy pattern sets. We generate the first pattern set as a CAD file based on your Class-A surfacing or foam data. This allows our staff to create your first presentation sample as quickly as possible. Our CAD-design and foam part production processes run in parallel leading to greatly reduced development time.
    • arrow 3D Printing

      Using our own large format 3D printer, we can produce your panels, supports and fixtures – up to a size of 1m3. Full product finishing included.
    • arrow Milled Parts

      Milled foam and EPP parts can be manufactured to your specs.
    • arrow Metal Structures

      With your CAD models as templates, we can produce highly-precise metal concept structures using CNC-milled welding fixtures.
    • arrow Complete Seats / Optical Measurement

      We use your design guidelines to create your complete seat: optically measured and seamlessly documented.
    • arrow Persuasive

      We can give presentations to decision makers and support you with customer reviews – by providing issue lists and working together to determine next steps.
    • arrow Workshops

      Productive, innovative, even on the fly: we can organize development workshops which lead, thanks to our physical models, directly to solutions.
  1. Trade Fairs / Board Presentations

    • arrow Support

      We are there to support you at trade fairs: with the installation and maintenance of your display models.

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