1. Inquiry

    • arrow Documents

      We provide secure data lines to ensure problem-free uploading of specifications for your spec sheets, part fact sheets and CAD data.
    • arrow Deadlines

      We set project milestones with you. And have all the necessary capacities, skills and experience to meet them right here in our facility.
    • arrow Costs

      In the bid phase you’ll see that we are open to negotiations that will give you the best price possible. It’s a principle of ours to optimize costs and offer attractive terms to all our clients.
    • arrow Concept Analysis

      We analyse the feasibility of your design, collision test it and, if the need arises, develop alternative ideas.
    • arrow Sourcing

      We will order or produce the necessary structures, upholstery, hang-on parts, laminates and foams.
  1. Development

    • arrow Virtual Prototyping

      For the first prototype, we will generate an intial pattern set digitally based on your Class-A surfacing or foam data.
    • arrow Digital Development

      Our work processes are digital-based – with no use of hard copy pattern sets. Every work stage is done digitally.
    • arrow Cutting

      It’s a time saver: all pattern sets go straight from the developers to the cutter – no manual cutting involved.
    • arrow Sewing Workshop

      In our sewing shop we produce your development covers. In doing so, we directly check the industrial feasibility.
    • arrow Cover Testing

      Using our test covers, you can take care of every construction and integration step: PV-testing, DV-testing, SAB-testing, PVS, etc.
    • arrow Development And Upholstery

      We carefully follow your templates. Every step of the process is seamlessly documented and the final result subject to our rigorous quality control regimen.
    • arrow Technology Sessions / Workshops

      Productive, innovative, even on the fly: we can organize development workshops which lead, thanks to our physical models, directly to solutions.
    • arrow Customer Presentations

      We can give presentations to decision makers and support you with complete documentation including scans, complete sectional maps, etc.
    • arrow Scanning

      Have you reached the stage of Class-A scanning? Our highly-precise 3D scans can make sure that your design is in perfect order – at every stage of the development loop.
  1. Approval procedure

    • arrow Release Documentation

      Whether it’s a P-, a B- or a “soft approval”, we offer you cover sketches, reserve samples, pattern sets, BOM’s, sewing instructions, etc.
    • arrow Approvals

      On the way to production: we can produce complete seats and take part in technical meetings and cover approval processes.
  1. Industrialization

    • arrow Documentation Transfer

      We will provide your sewing facilities with complete documentation – comprehensive and in digital format.
    • arrow On Site Support / Workshops

      We are there for you when production starts, to help with training, for process optimization. At suppliers or anywhere you need us. Worldwide.
  1. SOP - Start of Production

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