soft trim and Audi: Working together for the automotive seats of the future soft trim and Audi: Working together for the automotive seats of the future

Seat developer and manufacturer soft trim and renowned automobile manufacturer Audi are working hand in hand on the design and development of the car seats of the future. The highest value is placed on comfort, quality craftsmanship, and an appealing design.

“The first orders, on which we worked together with other suppliers on development projects for Audi, were many years ago,” says Jens Findeisen, who founded soft trim seating sts GmbH in 2001. “Since then, the collaboration with Audi has become increasingly intensive and closer. The joint projects have also become more extensive and demanding.”

Connected through Gaimersheim

The Gaimersheim site plays an important role in the partnership between soft trim and Audi. This is where soft trim has been operating the seat laboratory in close cooperation with Audi since 2023, in which current seat models and prototypes are evaluated and optimised to meet the highest quality standards. This has led to a collaborative working relationship.

“From 2007 to 2011, we worked directly on site with our colleagues from Audi on the development of car seats. And now we are involved in seat development for future car generations at the same location," says Jens Findeisen.

From development to testing

The collaboration between soft trim and Audi extends from seat cover design to the assessment of developments for new seat generations, and support for test drives.

“We design the early phase of seat development for Audi across all model series and create innovative complete concepts for future Audi seat generations," adds Olaf Hofmann, Technical Director at soft trim. “We achieve this demanding task through our unique combination of engineering, perfection in craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes."