soft trim is part of “Autoland Saxony” soft trim is part of “Autoland Saxony”

Every year, the Saxony Automotive Suppliers Network (AMZ) publishes the automotive industry map. A large part of the Saxon automotive industry can be found on this map – including soft trim.

“The automotive industry map makes clear by what kind of good company we are surrounded in Saxony. It is often underestimated how many businesses are active here in the automotive sector. In times of unstable supply chains, such regional networks and reliable partners are also becoming increasingly important for us,” says Olaf Hofmann, Engineering Director at soft trim.

Saxon automotive industry: Steeped in history and progress

Motor vehicles from Autoland Saxony have been providing mobility for over 100 years. Here, innovations such as left-hand drive or front-wheel drive were born. Today, among other things, Li-Ion car batteries for the future of the automobile is made in Saxony.

Backbone of the industrial sector

The automotive industry is the most important economic power in Saxony and is of great importance for the region. With six motor vehicle, engine and battery plants from Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Daimler and around 780 suppliers such as soft trim as well as equipment manufacturers and service providers in the industry, Saxony is one of the top locations in Germany. At the same time, the automotive industry is the driving force behind the manufacturing industry in Saxony. The more than 95,000 employees – more than 80 percent of them are in the supplier industry – generate more than a quarter of Saxony’s industrial production. Almost all components and parts required for a motor vehicle as well as the necessary production equipment can be developed and manufactured in Saxony.

Network of Saxon automotive suppliers

The AMZ is a network of medium-sized Saxon automotive suppliers. Since 1999 it has contributed to the development of Saxony as an automotive region. Themes such as energy-efficient drivelines, automated and networked driving, lightweight construction, generative parts production, and Industry 4.0 q, from which AMZ, together with Saxon suppliers, engineering service providers and research institutions, generates projects for the future. In addition, the network supports the activities of Saxon medium-sized businesses to open up markets abroad.