American debut crowned with victory American debut crowned with victory

It doesn’t get any better than this: Porsche racing team Pfaff Motorsports got to use the SPACER for the first time and immediately celebrated the win in the prestigious 24-hour race in Daytona.

Fans from all over the world cheered when Frenchman Mathieu Jaminet elbowed his way past competitor Laurens Vanthoor in the final laps of the endurance classic, with a 550 hp Porsche 911 GT3 R and a seat shell by soft trim under his butt.

The order from Canada to build a SPACER for use in the American sports car championship came in December. The 24-hour race at the end of January marked the season opener for team boss Steve Bortolotti and his crew from Pfaff Motorsports. Only a few weeks were left for production, shipping to North America and the first tests at the racetrack.

Despite the long distance between Dresden and Canada, this was not an obstacle – quite the contrary: A time-consuming seat test and adjustment is not absolutely necessary for a SPACER. The SPACER for the driver’s trio could be produced from existing 3D data from a previous fitting.

Team boss Bortolotti is very satisfied with the result: “We didn’t hear any complaints from the drivers about the seat over the entire race weekend. Anyone who knows racing drivers knows that this is an absolute compliment,” he laughs. “We will continue to rely on the SPACER and the technology from soft trim in the future.”

The triumphant drivers Mathieu Jaminet, Matt Campbell and Felipe Nasr were able to put a Rolex on their wrist as a prize, while the soft trim team received a good boost of motivation. “Successes like the Daytona victory are something very special for us and encourage us to keep developing the SPACER,” says Sascha Taubert, who is responsible for soft trim’s motorsport activities.