Design seat nominated for state prize Design seat nominated for state prize

Special honour for soft trim: The concept seat developed with TU Dresden is shortlisted for the Saxon State Prize for Design. 

With the intention of developing a future seat that satisfies the high demands of the mobility sector, soft trim designed a special prototype in cooperation with the Chair of Technical Design at the TU Dresden. In doing so, we developed a concept together with the team around Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Krzywinski, determined design and materials and ultimately designed and manufactured the seat.

The nomination of the seat for the Saxon State Prize for Design is due not only to the special design achievement but also to the fact that it meets current requirements in terms of shared mobility. This is expressed, for example, by the easy-to-clean and changeable covers. This makes the seat particularly suitable for use in public transport.

The cooperation was characterised by a high level of trust and professionalism on both sides from day one and was great fun all around, and not just for that reason," says the chair for technical design. 

According to Krzywinski, a design award like the Saxon State Prize is an essential indicator of quality and also a unique selling point among competitors. This award is intended to highlight the achievements of companies and designers and also acts as an inspiration for innovators in different sectors. As the most important regional design award, the nomination for it alone is a great honour for us.

For soft trim, the nomination means one thing above all: incentive to continue on this path, to remain creative and innovative and to help shape the technology of tomorrow. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team of the Chair of Technical Design at the TU Dresden around Professor Krzywinski for their constructive collaboration.