Porsche offers a glimpse into the future Porsche offers a glimpse into the future

With “Mission R”, the car manufacturer is showing a pioneering study in which innovative approaches are also being adopted in the field of seats.

When Porsche presented the vehicle at the IAA MOBILITY 2021 in Munich, Olaf Hofmann from soft trim took a particularly close look – and that for good reason: the seating concept of the purely electric sports car also contains components of the “3D printed bodyform full-shell seat” first presented by Porsche in April 2020, which soft trim was involved in developing. 

“Mission R” combines state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable materials such as natural fibre-reinforced plastics with a passion for racing, according to Porsche. “The concept study is our vision of purely electric customer motorsport. The “Mission R” embodies everything that makes Porsche strong: performance, design and sustainability,” said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. 

Already one and a half years earlier, Porsche showed what the future of seating technology could look like. With the “3D printed bodyform full-shell seat”, the Zuffenhausen-based company presented an alternative to the conventional upholstery of seat shells. The particularly lightweight and resistant base carrier is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), just like the SPACER. A printed, breathable comfort layer made of a polyurethane-based material mix is applied to this. This grid structure from the 3D printer defines the mechanical properties of the seat comfort in everyday use. A cover made of “Racetex” forms the outer skin of the study. This material has a particularly good grip and is additionally perforated to support air conditioning. In 2021, the technology found its way into series production.

“The latest concept study shows that Porsche has given thought to a great variety of areas,” says Olaf Hofmann, technical director at soft trim. “Of course, the interior is of particular interest to us here. When developing seat shells for racing cars, our primary goal is that the driver feels comfortable in the cockpit. Porsche brings special elements into play here that the pilot has to reach from the seat.”

Thus, the driver took centre stage in the interior design across all areas. An ergonomically placed display between the steering horns shows relevant data during racing. The monitor above the steering column shows the images from the side mirror camera and the central rear camera. A touch display to the right of the seat can be used to call up the driver's biometric data, among other things. Numerous other cameras in the interior provide exciting signals for live stream transmission.

In addition, Porsche brings real and virtual racing closer together than ever before in “Mission R”. The modular monocoque driver's cell is also suitable as an esport simulator in exactly the same design.