Prestigious development work Prestigious development work

Writing a piece of motorsport history: for soft trim, the development and production of seat shifters for racing vehicles is a matter of daily business. Within a few years, the SPACER has proven itself both nationally and internationally on the racetracks all over the world.

But one of the latest projects is different, as Sascha Taubert explains. “In spring, we received the order to take over the seat development for Team Glickenhaus in the prototype area. We were of course delighted, because the assignment is in the World Endurance Championship. This is one of the most important racing series in the sports car sector,” says the soft trim motorsport manager.

The scope of the project, however, is yet to be seen. For behind the venture is former director and screenwriter James Glickenhaus. The US billionaire has the vision to take part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a self-developed race car. On 21 August, the “Glickenhaus SCG 007” is to compete in the world's most famous race.

The fact that this vision will become reality is also due to soft trim from Dresden. Because behind Sascha Taubert lie several test drives in Southern Europe, during which the drivers were digitally scanned. “This serves as a basis for us to be able to manufacture an individual seat shell for each pilot. This requires numerous steps in our production in Dresden.”

The first test races already went according to plan. Both in Portimāo (Portugal) and in Monza (Italy), the Glickenhaus team took part in the first runs in preparation for the endurance classic in France. The soft trim seat shells helped drivers feel comfortable in their work equipment right from the start.