The soft trim year 2022 in review The soft trim year 2022 in review

While many companies tend to slow down at the end of the year, soft trim has really stepped up its game. In this clip, Olaf Hofmann explains in a nutshell why this was the case and which new projects are already in the pipeline.

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soft trim film

Seat manufacturing in focus
All about the making of our soft trim film and the entire video

soft trim at the IZB

From one trade fair to the next trade fair
A review of the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg

SPACER presentation at trade fair

SPACER in the spotlight
The SPACER was presented at the IZB for the first time at an international trade fair. It got its own area for this special event

Pfaff Motorsport: IMSA Champion with SPACER

Winning collaboration
Pfaff Motorsport's victorious battle for the IMSA championship with our SPACER on board

KAI research project

AI-project "KAI" with RWTH Aachen
We support a research project on an AI-supported assistant for interior development

Digital fruit loaf

Digital Christmas greetings from Dresden
Our digital Christmas greeting in the form of a Dresden Christmas fruit loaf to print out in the 3D printer